Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Slimming Down

Well, it's official: as of yesterday when I stepped on the scale, after SO long of trying, wishing, wanting, hoping and working toward my goal, I have finally reached the minus 50 lbs. mark! In fact, it was 51! You cannot even begin to imagine how happy this makes me.

"Enjoy Controlling Your Calories"? Well, can't say that I do. Nope - I would MUCH rather eat whatever I want at all times. Unfortunately, too much of what I like is too high in fat and calories, so that's how I got into this mess (that is me) in the first place. I love this huge vintage tin I got on eBay quite a few years back. Good old "Scientifically Processed Potato Chips Easily Digested! Less Fattening!" Hmmm - wonder what that was about back then. I mean, I know there's Olestra now, but I'm not too sure I want to go there.
"Eat All You Want" - okay, now we're talking! Oh, that's right - no, we aren't doing that anymore. (Well, yes, occasionally I still do.)
I'll stick with this: "Cook Thin" - now, THAT sounds like a good idea.
This is a page from my P.E. workbook when I was a freshman in high school. (Click to enlarge it, and maybe you can read it?)
Yes - I actually believed myself to be overweight at 92 pounds. And I remember feeling that way, too. My teacher apparently did not agree. It was she who wrote "No!" on my paper.
(Should I even admit this? Oh, what the heck- I'm among friends, right?) Here goes: At my heaviest recorded weight nearly 20 years ago - I weighed more than twice what I weighed back when I wrote that. Frightening.
So, how did I do it? I have mentioned it before but in case you didn't remember - Weight Watchers. Oh, yes - it really works - as long as you stick with the Program. My problem has been going off and on it so many times over the course of two decades that I have lost count.
So, thank you Weight Watchers - you have a healthy program that gets results. Mind you, I have my moments (days, weeks, even!) when I am not staying within my Points allowance, but the difference for me this time is that I have never given up and I have never REALLY stopped.
Since I have been on this program, I have absolutely been eating and enjoying MANY more vegetables and fruits than I was previously. I found this cute little coloring book that is dated 1968 ...
...which reminded me of my embroidered dish towel that I shared with you in what was only my second post on this blog!(Did you go back and look at it?)
By the way, I'm not done yet. I don't even know yet what weight I want/need to be. But this fifty thing (51) is certainly a milestone for me.
So, let's all eat healthfully, and be friends with our vegetables! Are you with me?
I know we can do it.


Jennifer D said...

Congrats! You must feel wonderful.

PS- Don't eat Olestra, it gives you a "greasy, leaky, Um... bottom.

No One wants that. I have heard Alli does the same thing. Scary.

Jennifer D said...

I love that chip tin! Green with envy. ;-)

Tina Dawn said...

You are so great! I am proud of you and I love you! Lori too except she doesn't have power so I am saying it for her. Love Tina

Mid Century Madam said...

You look fantastic Heidi. Okay, I'm inspired. Getting back on track today!

yosemite faith said...

congrats heidi!!! i have finally lost some weight but not nearly enough. hard after weighing the same for over 30 years (thin) and then suddenly (3 yrs or more) i was horribly out of shape and overweight. i have lost about 25 lbs. to be where i was when you knew me - i would have to lose more than 50 more and that gonna happen at my age and being retired. but i can hope to reach the point you have and lose at least another 25. again - i know the struggle and am so proud of you!

Paul Duca said...

I certainly wish you congratulations on your goal...and I also admire the teacher who commented on your paper.
That was a person who may have been aware of negative body issues for young women long before it became common knowledge.
(just don't order too many of those Oscar's plates--and personally I would have sent it back for not being warm enough)

Anthony said...

Good job, Heidi!
You should be VERY proud of this accomplishment, as it is no small feat! I'm all too familiar with the ongoing body weight struggle, myself. :(

Aaand I'm finding that it gets even HARDER with age! What's THAT about, anyway?! Life's really not fair in a lot of ways...

That's why you should definitely celebrate the slimmer Heidi that you've successfully worked so hard to become!

Hip, hip, hooray!!
Way to go, slim & tiny Heidi!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Congratulations Heidi! That is a wonderful accomplishment! Twyla