Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tina's Various Vintage Photos

Good morning, Tina here again, and today I am going to share with you a collage of various vintage photos from my life.
Here Lori and I try out a small sled in our front yard in Placerville in 1967. It was a rare winter that we did not get several inches of snow at least a few times. Occasionally they would close school. I think this was one of those days.
Josh, Lori and me visiting Heidi in Tuolumne County in circa 1976-77. I hope Lori tread carefully in those platform shoes! I loved my top, very silky and shiny, a gift from Lori.
Desolation Valley, in the Sierra Nevada, El Dorado County, California, in 1974. My first backpacking trip, along with my husband and three other guys. Once I broke through the male barrier, some of the other wives started coming along.
1972, a favorite past time, going to the Cosumnes River out Slug Gulch Road. First you had to ford the river, wander past the crystal caves, and then a long hike along a thin path on a steep hill to one of the best swimming holes in all of El Dorado County. Unfortunately I haven't found any photos of the swimming hole.
This photo was taken in 1971 at the El Dorado Nature Center near Lakewood, California. We enjoyed hiking there and viewing the many waterfowl. I don't think Josh remembers much of it.
Doing my hair in the kitchen of our rental home on Myrtle Street in Placerville in the early 70s. The wooden hutch to the right of me belonged to my Dad and was borrowed. He made me promise to give it back when it was no longer needed at my house. My step mom still has it. It has always needed a paint job.
This is Lotus, our kitty from 1984 until 2000. She is sacked out on a vintage wing chair upholstered in a lovely magnolia bark cloth. We got Lotus on Election Day in June 1984 when we lived in Diamond Springs, and she moved with us to Kelsey in 1999.
Here I am young and pregnant in one of the many maternity smocks I made when I was expecting, holding our cocker spaniel puppy Zigzag. I made several smocks of the loveliest fabrics I could find. They had elastic sleeves and neck, and were very roomy.
My Dad and Mom and I on our tractor in Southern California before I became a Gold Country Girl. For most of the preschool years of my life we lived in a rural area and owned a couple of acres with orange trees and great soil. I am sure it is all paved over now and covered with either houses or industrial buildings.

I hope you enjoyed this somewhat fractured look back at some of my vintage life.


Heidi Ann said...

I enjoyed it more than you can even imagine!!
I don't even remember seeing those photos before this, so it was an absolute delight for me.

Deanna said...

Loved all of your photos. It's always nice to see the people behind the blogs.

BTW, I wish I still had my smocks that mother made for us when we were in our teens!

Deanna :D

Heidi Ann said...

I love that photo of Lotus on the bark cloth chair so much I am saving it.

yosemite faith said...

gonna try again - didn't publish my comment. (gosh darn it) ANYWAY - i just love love love old photos from back in the day. it was even more fun knowing that they were new to heidi also. thanks for sharing

Protector of Vintage said...

I enjoyed viewing your family photos and you did a great job on that cute smock!!

walterworld said...

Very interesting!

Thanks for putting this together, old photos sure can bring back the memories...