Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Latest Thrift Finds

A few of my most recent finds: here we have some Pyrex, a strawberry cookie jar, and a Susan Branch book that has two volumes in one:
Some things for springtime - a set of 8 pretty cloth napkins, an Easter egg box that I LOVE, tiny egg ornaments, an Holly Hobbie book, and a cross-stitched dresser scarf:

I also got this cute pair of puppies. They are vintage banks - Jamie spotted them for me at one of our favorite thrift shops:
Space Cat And The Kittens! Cool cats in outer space:
A pretty and shiny pair of shoes. They are my size, but I think I may sell them rather than keep them. I don't dress up much - and when I do, it's not usually in red, white and blue. I think they're awfully cute, though!

Eyelet lace on the original card, a box of the china Christmas bells I love so much, an embroidered "Guest" towel, and an original watercolor...
....and the artist happens to be someone my husband knew. He went to school with her son.

I like finding things like that.


Jennifer D said...

I think this time my favorites are the Space Cats book (so cool) and the eyelet lace. I love the shoes but like you, I would never wear them.

Tina Dawn said...

Oh, I have to find a Space Cat and the Kittens book for my celestial bathroom. Love all your finds. Love T

Deanna said...

Hi dear! Loved your recent finds. The cute napkins remind me of the bedspread from a previous post..the 1970's girls room. The puppy banks are fabulous. I know you were wanting the Pink Cat bank! These are pretty darned close. Cute cute cute!!

Deanna :D

yosemite faith said...

space cats!! whoo hoo! did you see/hear the cat smokey on cbs sunday morning? possibly as loud as a lawn mower? guiness is doing testing to see if smokey is a world record cat. great finds - you never cease to amaze.

delia hornbook said...

great finds, i love the shoes and that flower picture is lovely, dee x