Monday, August 22, 2011

California State Fair 2011: Big Things - And Lots Of Other Things

First of all, here's a big golden statue of our state bear, the California Grizzly:

Most of today's photos are from either the California Fine Art or Creative Arts exhibits, and one from the Fur And Feathers building.
Here we have "Big Things" crafted by Eric Ahola. These were huge - and really cool!

These kitchen utensils were, oh, I don't know - maybe about seven feet tall or more!

Believe it or not, this is a quilt, titled "What's Your Dream?" Beautiful:
This costume was stunning - it totally reminded me of some of Shirley Temple's movie costumes:
This talented lady had embroidered images taken from sewing patterns - very nicely done!
There was just something about this little station wagon and trailer on the bridge that really appealed to me...

We saw pretty quilts:
And some gorgeous jewelry:
This welded sculpture "Whale Of A Good Time" by Terrence Martin was unbelievable!
It's a gazebo that has seating for nine inside, made from steel skeletons from a CNC plasma machine.
I don't even know what that is - but this was the coolest thing I've seen in along time. I was fascinated by it!

Last but not least, I leave you with THE single most beautiful rooster I have ever seen in all my days. The tag on the cage said Bantam Seabright Silver:

I mean, is he a beauty or WHAT?
(I am embarrassed to say that as I took photos I scribbled down all sorts of notes about who did what and so forth, with the intention of including all of their names within my post. I waited too long, and I could barely make sense of any of it! So, I apologize to the wonderful artisans I have neglected to identify herein.)


Tina Dawn said...

Thank you for the very interesting trip to the fair! Love T

Jill said...

Thanks so much for the peek into the fair-- I didn't make it over there this year, and now I wish that I had! Everything you featured blew me away. That quilt is amazing-- and so is that embroidery. And yes, that is a very handsome rooster!
PS: I love that little car and trailer too!

Jennifer D said...

That first quilt has me stunned.Amazing. My hubby is just starting to collect N Scale train sets and I bought him that very same car and teardrop trailer that is on that fabulous bridge.

Thanks for the tour...I have always wanted to go to the state fair.