Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hello, I'm Ishi, Tina's New Kitty

Good morning people persons. I am here to introduce myself. I am Tina's new kitten, and my name is Ishi. I am very proud to be named after the last survivor of the Yana people, Ishi, who lived near Oroville and was born about 1860. He was known as the last Native American in Northern California and he died in San Francisco in 1916.

I don't know where I was born. I was very rudely dumped from someone's car on a rural road on the Georgetown Divide in Garden Valley, near the home of Tina's good friend Cindy. I was very lonely, hungry, and dirty, and I didn't know where to go. But I found my way to a tree and meowed and cried all night near Cindy's bedroom and kept her awake. That was last Friday night.
Cindy had just acquired two new kittens last winter and really was not ready for another one. Neither were her kittens. So she did what a lot of people might do, she put my picture on facebook. That is how I met Tina.
Tina had been wanting a new addition to her family. Luna (blurry below as she first meets me) is now eight years old, and Chessie is ten. Tina thought it would be a good time to insert some new blood into the household.
Luna and Chessie (below as he too discovers I am now in his home) aren't sure about the new blood idea, but they think maybe spilled blood is in order.

I am hoping after a few days they will realize I am cute and cuddly and belong here.
How could you deny me? I am a snuggly ball of purring fluffiness.
Being wise beyond my weeks, I have already figured out that this gigantic flight of stairs leads to the master bath, and that is where the cat food and kitty litter box reside. I even chose to use the litter box first thing this morning, all by myself, before I ate! I am really growing up and trying to fit in.
I am still cleaning myself up, because I was pretty dirty. After a quick trip to the vet yesterday afternoon, Tina having discovered I was "riddled" with fleas (she really has a way with words) I am now rid of those critters this morning. What a relief!
I am trying now to talk the dog, Robbi, into not immediately chasing me under the bed or couch as soon as he walks into the house. We may be working on his training for a while, as I hear he is not the most teachable Corgi. But we do what we have to do when we are the new kid on the block.
Meanwhile I make sure that all the toys in the house are played with, and I plan to become the lap cat of the house, and the visitor greeter, since Luna and Chessie really don't care for company that much.

I will also make sure all computer connections are a go, so that you will be able to read about me often in this blog.

Nice to meet you, come again soon!


Heidi Ann said...

Ishi, it is my pleasure to make your acquaintance! Welcome to the family - and I look forward to your (hopefully) being a kitty I can snuggle with next time I come to your house!

moonshinejunkyard said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Tina, he is the cutest little guy! He reminds me of my Billy-the-Kid when he was a baby last summer. Oh what joys he will bring to your household. My other two cats had a hard time at first with Billy but now they are all one big (slightly-grumpy-and-resistant-sometimes) gang of comrades. Ishi, WELCOME! You are a doll and a playful little hero and I am so glad you came to live at Tina's house and be part of the kitty trio!

yosemite faith said...

glad to see more pictures of ishi here. saw him earlier this a.m. on facebook. you should have included that photo too, tina, it showed how huge his paws are. bobalu, the stray we took in about a year ago, has little tiny feet, she is 3. sadie, is almost 14, and has huge, what we call, mitts. so cute and don't think she needs a gratitude journal, as our bobalu does. (whenever she acts up/out i tell boba to go write in her gratitude journal, she used to sleep in trees for gosh sakes.)

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Welcome, Miss Ishi! You are the cutest little ball of fluff!~~~XXOO, Beth

Anonymous said...

How precious. He is so lucky to have found a good home.