Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cheap Is Good; Free Is Better

I walked up the street to a yard sale this past Friday, and started digging around in some bags and boxes that were out in the front. I had found a couple of things, and then I heard the lady telling someone else that "all that stuff is free".
Well, now.
So, I had picked up this book from 1950.....

...and even though the cover was warped, I liked the illustrations and information inside well enough that I wanted it - especially for free:

These little vintage Christmas things were sitting near the "check-out" area, and I was afraid to ask the price because everything that was neat and/or vintage that I'd asked about had been way more than I could pay. But I asked anyway, and she said 25 cents each.
All righty, then - I think I can handle that:
This little sweetie-pie was in with the free stuff - not sure why she was relegated to that - surely she's worth something? I would have paid for her, but nope, free:
More free books - I figured I could add these to my collection of books on Victorian homes:

I spotted this little gal, below, when I first walked up. She was with the Halloween decorations. And unlike her days gone by when I imagine she was used at a cosmetology school or something, she was having a REALLY bad hair day. Like Fright Night bad.

She also has some smudges on her face that don't seem to want to be removed. I told her "That's all right, honey - we've all had dirty faces at one time or another. And, as it so happens, I could use a little lady just like you to model hats for me, so we'll just cover that hair right up - and don't you worry your pretty little head about it".

"And you can also model some of the vintage Vera scarves I've been finding lately."
I thought I caught her smiling at me when I said that. I was given a price of one dollar for her.
So, I spent $1.75, and walked home with my finds in a plastic bucket - also free. And we were all happy about the whole experience.
And anyway, you know what they always say, don't you?

That's right.
Two heads are better than one.


VintageBettys said...

Wow! Great finds! We really love the Christmas bulbs and their sweet little boxes with cute graphics :). And yes, Two heads are always better than one

Have a lovely day,
Laura and Michele

Paul Duca said...

Sometimes I worry all three of you won't be able to get out of your houses because of the collectibles and you'll starve to death.

Tina Dawn said...

I can't stand the suspence, what wildflower came over on the Mayflower? Love your heads and would like to peruse the fretwork book and see if something would work for our house. Super great free and cheap stuff. Love T

Jennifer D said...

I am lovin that Gazebo book. Great finds

Heidi Ann said...

Tina - Apparently, the Mayflower is Trailing Arbutus - I had to go look it up! See - I knew my free book would come in handy! Already learning from it.

farmlady said...

Ha! "Two heads are better than one.." That's good... especially when one is free.
That bigger doll head is really quite pretty. She just has a little cold sore on her lip. No biggy. She looks stunning in her hats and scarves. Great idea. She's happy now. I can see it in her eyes.

Vickie in Sac said...

Hoo-boy! You did GREAT! (although I'm a bit leary of stray body parts! Haha!). I especially love the Xmas decors. I've got a "line" on some strings of vintage (electric) candle lights for the tree - just waiting for the guy to find the rest of them & call me. The thought of Christmas is still a bit more than my mind wants to deal with right now, but, one must plan ahead :- ) Very nice finds.

Debbie V. said...

Okay the heads are a little scary, but the Christmas lights bring back memories of "testing" the light strings and "blowing up" the outlet with my dad. The box on the left..I had totally forgotten about those types of bulbs with the ridges. As always, you have great posts.