Saturday, January 21, 2012

Barbie As The "Campus Sweetheart"

After I bought the other two Hallmark Barbie (Well - Barbie and Ken) ornaments after Christmas, I went back and picked up this one, too:
By the time I got back to the Hallmark store, the ornaments were 60% off rather than 50%! Here's a photo from one of my Barbie books of a Barbie doll wearing the outfit ( not sure why she has the stole on, that was from "Enchanted Evening" - but it looks nice!)
And another photo - just the outfit, this time:

This one is for sale on eBay right now:

And here is a photo of my ornament:

So pretty!


Tina Dawn said...

Glad you got a deal on your ornament! I have always enjoyed your Barbie tree. Love T

yosemite faith said...

so cool that you have your barbie tree and now the great deal/s on the ornaments.

farmlady said...

Wish I could see this "Barbie" Tree that your comments are talking about. I bet that the tree is all pretty in pink and perfect for Christmas.
Getting those ornaments after Christmas is a smart thing to do. What a deal!