Saturday, January 7, 2012

River Road

I found this beautiful poem in an old book from a thrift shop:
River Road, by Edythe Hope Genee

Here autumn's touch has stirred the copper beech
To bright vermilion; in the sluggish marsh
Tall cattails turn to gold just out of reach;
The plover crowds her brood in the harsh
Wild meadow grass along the river's edge.
The road runs far beside the solid stream
Where crumbling ferns upon each rocky ledge
Bear evidence of summer's sultry theme.

But you could not hear the river's serenade,
Catching it's echo from a warm white cloud
Or follow autumn's red and gold parade
For the call of cities, siren-tall and proud.
You closed our tranquil forest episode
And left me with my song - the river road.

Now the snows have come, and frozen stars
Behold the mystery of fading spring;
Long blue shadows press against the bars
Of reeds that stem the river's wandering.
Here sleep the crimson petals of my song -
Here white unearthly silences will call
To waiting dreams that from this hour belong
To a lone white road when gentler winds will fall.

Spring will come again with soft green voicing
That echoes from the lonely winter snows,
And I shall greet again with wild rejoicing
Each resurrected bud that spring bestows.
Yet - some will never bloom beyond my yearning,
Some vagrant songs will never be returning.

To close this post, I have chosen this lovely photo of Tina's - they live on what can certainly be called a "river road", with their home overlooking glorious views like this one of the American River winding below:

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...


Very pretty, both the poem & the photo. Lucky Tina!


Tina Dawn said...

What a beautiful illustration with such wonderful colors. I love our view but I do wish sometimes we were not so high above the water, that we could sit near the river like the couple in the picture, enjoying the serenity. Perhaps in the future as my hip heals I will be able to hike down and sit beside the water. Until then I will enjoy the front porch and the view. Love T