Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Sister Lori here with a Sushi confession:
I was introduced to Sushi while visiting my daughter in about 2004 while near San Diego.
They had a favorite place they wanted me to try. I think I had only had it once before in about 1996 when DD's then boyfriend made some for us at our house. I don't think I was that impressed. The restaurant near San Diego, in Chula Vista, was Yokozunas,[which I see has now changed to Yokoz and from the reviews may have changed a lot!!!!] Sushi Bar, and there began my obsession with it!!! I thought it was wonderful!!!!
Back near home, in Fair Oaks, we have a great place to eat sushi at Mikuni's. On rare occasions we get to eat there.
Now, there is a great sushi Restaurant in Placerville called Amerikan Ichi. It rivals the other two and we are very happy to have them close by.
I took my son and his girlfriend there to celebrate their December birthdays recently.
Here is a photo of the two rolls I ordered, I don't remember the names, just that they were delicious!!!!
Of course, I am not a Sushi connoisseur, I just like what I like!!!!

This is the decor on the end of my plate, only had my cell phone for a photo.

My son and his girlfriend had the 'all you can eat' and this was their rack full. I didn't get very good photos, they looked so beautiful. It is almost an art form.

Oh, it was so good, I took home a little leftovers for the next day, yummmmmmmmmm!!!!!


nickarmadillo said...

Mmmmmmmmm. I could really go for a dragon roll right now. Do you eat the raw sushi? I'm not quite there yet.

Tina Dawn said...

I love sushi, I was introduced to it in Honolulu in 1978, there were a lot of Japanese restaurants there. My favorite is the very simple inari zuahi. Basically just a sack of soy bean curd and rice, but I love it! I am not fond of the newer sushi that seems to be made for the people who don't really like sushi so they can eat along with the rest of us. Great post. We will have to try that place. Love T

yosemite faith said...

i have never had sushi - perhaps if i still lived in calif - and i found a good place i would give it a try.

Jill said...

MIKUNIIIII!!!!!!!! It's my favorite sushi place EVER! I go there every birthday (gotta spin the wheel!), new years eve, and every chance I get! My favorite these days is the michi. I love the puff daddy and the flaming shrooms too! (Those last two are appetizers--yum!)
Ok... now I'm craving sushi!