Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Models From The 70's - Joyce Walker

My featured model in today's installment of my favorite models is the absolutely adorable and lovely Joyce Walker:

She has such a fresh and pretty face!
So cute in this smocked dress:
And in this ad for clothing from "Charlie's Girls":
On the cover of Seventeen magazine:
What a fabulous floral outfit, below! With shoes from Famolare:
Another cute ensemble:
And comfy red overalls - and I love those comic-strip shirts they're wearing:

(As always, photos are from vintage Seventeen magazines)


yosemite faith said...

i remember her well - never knew her name though.

Shug in Boots said...

Cool idea for a post. I wasn't born til the 80s ... but fun to see!

Phyl D said...

So coveting that pink smocked dress. The red jumpsuit made me chuckle, I remember sewing a similar outfit in Hom Ec. class back in '74 (and actually wearing it to school - hah hah).

Whatever happened to Famolare shoes?

Thanks for bringing back so many great memories!

Diane said...

I remember her! Would also love to see additional info/pictures of Mona Grant, she was my favorite! Thanks for the great blog!

Rae said...

gorgeous! she has such a cute look, i love her hair!

Heidi Ann said...

Faith - I am glad you remember her - I figured most gals "our age" might!
Phyl - I'd like to see a picture of your jumpsuit from 1974! Or any other clothes you made back then. And I actually still have two of my old pairs of Famolare shoes!
Diane - I'm so glad you are enjoying the blog, and I love it when I can bring back memories for people. I probably will do another post with more pictures of Mona Grant; I loved her, too.
And Shug - I am glad you are liking it too - even though you are younger than us!

Phyl D said...

Dear Heidi Ann,

Sadly, I have no photos of any of my fab hand-made clothes nor any of the actual clothing items (including a bias swirl-paneled maxi skirt Simplicity Pattern #6261 circa 1973) that I made back in the early 70's *sigh* but here's a link to a Simplicity blouse pattern that I did make in Home Ec. class (or as I used to jokingly refer to it, "Home Wreck"):


I hope you can see the pattern link - my blouse looked exactly like the green floral number on the right side of the picture. There was a fair amount of detail work to making such a tailored blouse - of course, I now realize that the end result would be quite good for an adult, let alone a 13 year old! Happily, I do still have some of the original sewing patterns, for sentimental reasons, of course....I only wish I still had the sewing skills (and patience) to make such things.

The jumpsuit I made in that same class (for final project) was made out of red corduroy...I do not recommend sewing anything made of corduroy as I remember this particular fabric would continuously unravel while sewing if you even looked at it...and yes, I wore a pair of Earth Shoes (with "negative heel technology") with this outfit....

Am I making you laugh, yet, Heidi Ann?

Thank you for stirring up such fun memories...I always look forward to your posts and have many of the same loves in common (vintage children's book illustrators, Vera scarves and fabrics, Disney, vintage fashion magazines). Your thrift shop finds make me drool with envy.

It's always nice to find a kindred spirit and if you aren't already writing for books, magazines, etc., you should seriously consider it.