Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fabric Finds

Just sharing a few pretty fabrics I've found lately. First up, below - a close-up of one of the two bark cloth curtain panels I found at a thrift store. I love the colors and the gold detailing:
This gorgeous paisley from JoAnn Fabric and Crafts Store is going to be a skirt for work:
The two below are (top) a work skirt, and(bottom) a work pinafore. Also from JoAnn:
And this last one - yardage I couldn't pass up when I saw it at a thrift shop because it had butterflies in orange and pink and it was so bright and pretty. (It's for sale, if anybody's interested. E-mail me from my Profile.):

....and she fluttered away, to come again another day.


yosemite faith said...

one of these days if i ever ever ever get totally unpacked you may get a package of fabrics.

Heidi Ann said...

Hey Faith - I must admit that sounds intriguing!!

Tina Dawn said...

Nice fabrics, they will make great outfits for your work. Love T