Saturday, May 26, 2012

Peonies and Iris Celebrate Spring

Good morning.  It is Saturday on a holiday weekend and I am just here with a few shots of some peonies from my garden.
 Most of our peonies were brought here when we moved, they had lived in Diamond Springs for about 15 years, and now have been here in Kelsey for about 12 years.
 I have added a few more from nurseries when I run across one I like a lot.  I plan to put a few more into the middle of the garden bed this fall.
 Slow growing but once they decide they are staying where they are they live for years and years.
 The white ones are a particular favorite of mine.
 Sturdy and historic, and boy do the ants love them!
 Before the buds open the ants just crawl all over them.  They don't seem to hurt them at all, so it keeps the ants busy.
 Okay enough of those.  Below is our favorite of all our irises.  Lovely brown with brilliant yellow trim.
 And again, as with the peonies, white is a favorite.
 My dear hubby actually called me from work one day and wanted a photo from this side of our house.  I was happy to be able to scale the hill and help with that.  So here is our house looking west.
Just a quick weekend post.  Have a great Memorial Day, eat some barbecue, and enjoy your holiday!


lorlore said...

Pretty, pretty!!!!

Jim J;O) said...

All the GC Girls have a gift for growing beautiful flowers. Love your house, Tina. I’d seen pics of the inside, charming, and the view, gorgeous, but had never seen the outside. I agree with your sis: “Pretty, pretty!!!!” Have a wonderful weekend, Tina. J;0)

yosemite faith said...

very pretty! when i worked in stockton (nights) one of my supervisors, keith, had a huge iris garden in his back yard. he did lots of hybreds and creating of new colors and color combinations. it was like his other 'job'/business. he sent his iris' to people (who ordered) all over the world.

Anonymous said...

Hey Neighbor !!
I yelped when I saw your Blog !
so while you were taking these wonderful pictures--I was watching it snow up here in Twain Harte !!
I'll be checking in often--Good Luck !
Sierra Sue