Friday, May 25, 2012

A Lovely Mother's Day

Lori sure had a nice Mother's Day!!! After a wonderful Brunch with my Son and his Fiance, I met my Daughter and Granddaughter at Ikea. I had a small snack while I waited for them to arrive. This chocolate truffle cake was 'to die for'!!! I paired it with an iced coffee.

This is what I was really after, I bought 3 of them and put them all together in my craft room for another surface area and lots of storage in the baskets. They even fit my 12" scrapbook papers!

Addison fit right in with the color scheme and tried out an adorable tea set.

This table and chair was just her size.

Owls are really in right now, this print was bright and cute!!

Some bright and colorful paper and plasticware.

I was after some of these for a pretty picnic one day.

These are my favorite colors together and this color scheme was everywhere!!

Very reasonable tiered dish for displaying cupcakes or????

Here are my colors again on some comforters.

And also on these planter pots, I bought one of the lacy ones.

Some beautiful lighting....

And a chandelier my Daughter was eyeing for her new home.

I may have to go back soon for some of these shades, they were very reasonable and I need some new ones in my main room.
If you have never seen an Ikea store, please go, but allow lots of time, it's huge, and plan to eat, they have a wonderful cafeteria!!!!


Tina Dawn said...

I would love to go have some of those meatballs! Those shades look perfect for your windows. Thanks for the tour, I need to talk Karen into going down there with me soon. Love T

Andy's Attic said...

We have an Ikea near by and i seem to forget to go in there and look around. Thanks for the reminder.

Jim J;O) said...

The chocolate truffle cake and iced coffee were difficult to get past, Ms. Lori. If I had been on the tour, y’all would have been annoyed at me for rushing you along. I would have been anxious to get back to 2nds on the cake & coffee. “Next time we’re going to leave you at home, Mr. Jim,” Addison would have warned. Isn’t Addison a cutey patootey?! Goodness. Love those li’l fellers. I enjoyed my niece’s daughter’s kindergarten open house Thursday. (great niece? grand niece? Well, she’s both great & grand, that’s for sure.)

yosemite faith said...

haven't been to one but have heard its great.