Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Perfect Container

I always use Lawry's Taco seasoning when I fix tacos, because I love it.

And I think my vintage glass canister with the Mexican style decals is the perfect container for my packets.
And furthermore, I think I feel like having tacos tonight for our Cinco de Mayo dinner.
(P. S. You know how I like to sneak in Disney references whenever I possibly can, right? Well, you may or may not remember that Lawry's was actually the sponsor of the "Casa Mexicana" restaurant that was located in Frontierland at Disneyland from October 1st, 1982 until sometime in 2001 when it was "rethemed" and changed into what is now the Rancho Del Zocalo restaurant. I still miss my old Casa Mexicana.)


yosemite faith said...

sounds like a plan heidi ho. i could go for a well made mojito right about now.

Tina Dawn said...

Perfect container, very cute! I miss the Casa Mexicana too. It was great food and not too expensive, nice cosy atmosphere. Oh well, I guess we need to get used to changes, they seem to happen rapidly these days. Love T