Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rainbow Day

It was a rainy day this past Wednesday, but as I drove over to Placerville , the sun tried to come out, and ended up successful. For quite a few miles at the end of my journey, I was treated to the most beautiful rainbow in the sky! It was the day after my birthday and I was looking forward to dinner with my sisters and four other women who are very dear, longtime friends.
How beautiful it was!


Tina Dawn said...

Thank you for sharing your rainbow! What a great birthday present it was for you. Love T

Lorlore said...

So pretty, wish I had seen it, I was inside preparing for your visit!!!!!

Rinoplasti said...

Thank you very much. Your posting is very greet.
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Anonymous said...

You were born only a few days before me, Heidi. I wish! Then subtract two decades. I taught high school math to Tina. She was brilliant. I asked, “Tina, what is the square root of 2?” Tina must have been annoyed that I would bother her with such a simple problem. “That is so irrational!” she snapped. Correct. Grade A. ;0)

Beautiful rainbow, Heidi. !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!