Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thrifted Jewelry

I have been finding some great jewelry at the thrift stores lately! Like these flower pins:
And this fantastic articulated fish pendant (the fish is about 6 inches long)
A great "statement" necklace:
The necklace below just needs a little tweaking, since there's something missing. I think I need some jewelry tools:
All of these chains, along with the hammered "gold" leaf adorned with huge rhinestones were in $1.00 grab-bags of assorted jewelry I picked up at a thrift store:
One of my very favorites - also from one of those grab-bags, is this delightful handmade Christmas tree pin made with felt, beads and sequins - LOVE it!
These cool matching earrings and pendant were in grab bags, too - and not even in the same bag! The other pair of vintage orange earrings are pretty fab, as well:
Perfect for fall, a heavy leaf pendant with a "burnished" look to it:
Clip-on vintage earrings that just might be made into tacks for a cork board:
That's it for today - but don't worry - if I find more, you will see them right here!


Tina Dawn said...

Wow, what a haul! I love the Christmas tree pin. Love T

Barbara said...

I rarely pass up an enameled flower pin - they are so cheerful!

Diane said...

How lucky! I LOVE enamel flower pins and have a small collection. Haven't found one at a thrift store in years!

Paul Duca said...

When does ANTIQUES ROADSHOW come your way? I saw a woman with two pieces she bought for a dollar each. They were both from Tiffany--one a signed Paolma Picasso original, together worth several thousand dollars.

I would think between the three of you, there's a secure old age.