Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rawhide (Slobbery Kitty and Cuddly Corgi Version) as performed by Robbi and Ishi

Rolling, rolling, rolling,
 Keep that kitty rolling,
 Slobber on his tummy...
 Wet hide!!
 Through all kinds of weather,
 We will roll together,
 Always chewing wetly on your hide.
 Rolling, chewing, licking,
 Get your tickles tickling,
Cat hair will be slicking far and wide.
Rolling, rolling, rolling... Don't stop kitty bowling...
Keep that cat a lolling, raw hide!
 I will always be there, chewing on your cat hair,
 Tongue 'n ears waving proudly by your side!
Rolling, rolling, rolling...


Heidi Ann said...

Too funny!! Loving the pet antics!

Diane said...

Cute! Just wondering-- I've heard Corgis are great dogs. True? What are they really like?

EM said...

That was so awesomely funny. They were rolling around just like my two cats do.