Friday, September 27, 2013

Thrift Shop Albums

I found a few great LP's at one of my favorite local thrift stores to add to my collection of sound track albums. I didn't have this one:
"Saludos Amigos"  - in fact, I had never even seen it before. (Yes, I WAS familiar with the film.) Tickled to have it for my Disney collection:
 And I have quite a few of the animated classics LP's, but I didn't have Snow White - so now, I do:
I am always very happy to find the original record sleeves inside, as well. The lady who owned these previously apparently liked to circle the ones she had. I didn't find Dumbo, or I'd have gotten that, as well::
 I  did find "Gone With The Wind" - love it:
And I picked up these last two because I simply love the cover art.
"Destination Moon" -, retro rocket, man:
And "Le Sacre du Savage", from Les Baxter and his Orchestra love those tiki graphics:


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh boy, these sure bring back memories!!! How fun to have all of these wonderful pieces in your collection. Nothing beats the artwork!!! And Snow of my favorites, besides Lady and The Tramp.

Happy Fall!!!!

Tina Dawn said...

Very nice finds! I'll have to get a copy of the Destination Moon cover for my celestial bathroom! I love it. I also love the little blue polka dot donkey on the Saludos Amigos cover. Love T