Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What's Penny Wearing? #96 A Pretty Two-Piece Outfit

This outfit is one of my nicer finds of late.

 It's rayon, and I fell in love with the fabric. Black background, blues, greens, paisley? I'm in.
 It was inexpensive, it fits me, and I was in need of something to wear to a summer evening wedding. Perfect.
 Long skirt, with slits up the sides. The perfect length for me while wearing my black espadrilles:
 A cool, sleeveless dress under the blouse topper:
 I felt lucky to find it.
It was affordable, I wore it to the wedding, and I was comfortable.  
What more could you want? Is it any wonder I love thrift shopping?

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Tina Dawn said...

It's very pretty. I bet you really looked good! Love T