Sunday, September 15, 2013

Then And Now #97 Best Foods (Hellman's) Mayonnaise - The ONLY One For Us

Our favorite mayonnaise here in this house is, and always has been, Best Foods (known also as Hellman's east of the Rockies).
I found some examples of advertisements (most of them including recipes) from a number of decades to share with you today.
First up, this one from 1930:
A recipe for a picnic-style salad from 1944:

Chicken salad , circa 1955:
Cole slaw, from 1966 - you know, I can still hear their commercial jingle in my head "Bring out the Best Foods, and bring out the best!":

In our humble opinion, it truly IS the best, and absolutely nothing else will do. This ad with ideas for burger toppings is from 1970:
"Magically moist chicken", from 1986:
And this is the way it looks "Now":
As it happens, our favorite mayonnaise is celebrating 100 years this year!
And if WE have anything to say about it, there will be hundreds more to come.
We love 'ya, Best Foods - Happy 100 Years to the Best!


Tina Dawn said...

I never noticed the blue bow "ribbon" on the label before. I love it with artichokes. I think I will go buy some. Yum. Love T

Rob and Monica said...

I can still hear the jungle in my head!!!!! "Bring out the Hellman's, and bring out the best!" This is Rob's favorite! we have it in the frige (Monica)

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