Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Are you stuffed by a turkey or is the turkey stuffed by you?

Good morning, Tina here, happy Thanksgiving Eve!

You might remember last week when I showed you centerpieces from our Placerville Shakespeare Club luncheon. I fell in love with the stuffed fabric turkey below.

I loved the way the striped fabric made the tail feathers, with the eyelet lace as the tips, as he spreads his lovely plumage above the table.

So I went searching at my favorite shopping venue, ebay, and found a pattern.  This pattern is from Kathy Pace and is dated to the 1980s.  I haven't purchased it yet, but I am thinking about it.

My search for stuffed turkey patterns brought up quite a few ideas. Above is a cute idea from 1983 for napkin holders if you want something a little smaller on your table. Or perhaps you could use them as placeholders.

Here is another pattern using the striped fabric. This one is made by My Sister & I and dates from 1985.

This adorable Mr. Turkey by Patchwork Place is from 1978. His gingham body really stands out.

Above and below are two McCalls patterns, very similar to each other, the upper is from 2005, the lower from 2007. These turkeys are almost like cartoon characters. How could we think of eating them?

Below is another one I fell for, I just find the feather tail a lot of fun.  I could see myself in Joanne's fabrics picking out the various colored calicos.

The Yours Truly pattern is also from 1978, the same year as Mr. Turkey.  The 70s, with their peasant tops, granny and gunne sax dresses, were very fond of earth tones and calicoes.

Below is the pattern I actually ordered, I was drawn in by the fact it came with a lovely brown calico and ball trim.

This Ozark Calico Turkey is from the 60s. I haven't received it yet, so it isn't going to make it to our Thanksgiving table. Next year, watch out! If I make all the ones I like, I will have three turkeys to preside over the festivities.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and get stuffed by a turkey!

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Heidi Ann said...

Oh, those are all so cute! I will look forward to seeing the one you create!