Sunday, November 24, 2013

Guess What I Brought Home From Disneyland?

Here's a hint - it's got Mickey and Minnie on it:
 Did you guess it?
It's A Vera Bradley Disney bag!
I love Disney.
I love Vera Bradley.
And I love my new bag.
I had only heard about these new designs back right around my birthday in October, and I was very happy to hear about them at the time - all new to me.
Never did I dream that there would one day be a Disney - Vera Bradley connection/collaboration/collection.
But when I laid eyes on this at Disney Clothiers on Main Street at Disneyland, I was like "Ohhhh, yeah!"
I had carried a different bag around at the park the day before, and it really was not working for me. At all.
This one, however, did work for me.
 Very well, in fact.
It's Vera Bradley's "Hipster" style, a cross-body bag with an adjustable strap. I bought it and went immediately to our locker to transfer things from my other bag to this one:
This bright, beautiful, new DISNEY one.
Mama's got a brand new bag, all right.
(And she's pretty happy about it, in case you couldn't tell. )


Tina Dawn said...

Made just for you in mind! Mickey and Paisley, what a great combination. I like it because it is not too obviously Disney, if you just glanced at it you wouldn't even notice. Very nice. Love T

Lorraine said...

I am jealous of your bag - I am bidding on one right now on Ebay, but I could lose it if it goes too high. I live in Grass Valley and work for Habitat for Humanity - it is nice to see another Vera/Disney fan that lives so close. I have one hour left on my highest bid - wish me luck!!

Heidi Ann said...

Lorraine - I DO wish you luck! Hope you get it!