Sunday, November 24, 2013

Models, Revisited: More Of Season Hubley

For the latest in my "Models" series, this one is another look at the lovely Season Hubley. First up, you see her in a Cover Girl  Make-Up advertisement, circa 1972:
In the next one, she appears as the cover girl on "Seventeen's Make It Magazine" from the spring/summer issue which came out that same year:

In the shot below, from a Coty advertisement  (1973):
Another shot from a Clairol Frost N' tip ad:
And the next two are from inside that "Make It!" magazine:

Last of all, you see her in an episode of "The Partridge Family"! She played a princess who dated Keith, David Cassidy's character. (I took a  picture of the TV screen - which did not turn out too well!):
Even with my bad photo, she's still pretty cute!
(All of the other pictures shown in today's post are from my own "Seventeen" magazine collection.)
As soon as I have the time, I will "revisit" some more of my other favorite models from the sixties and seventies.


Tina Dawn said...

Love those granny square overalls! I always thought she was so pretty, a "girl-next-door" type. Love T

Jill said...

The Partridge Family was my fave, I remember that episode, she was so cute!

Aud said...

Thanks for posting these shots. I have searched before of photos of Season Hubley, but had never found any. When I was a teenager, she reinforced my desire to wear my hair short, but I could never look as beautiful as she did.