Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fall Baking

I have written about this banana bread before.
What can I say? I had more ripe bananas I needed to use up, so I made it once again.
I had forgotten that I made it in two small loaf pans last time!
 I liked that better.
But this is all right, too:
Hey - I'm cool with warm banana bread no matter how you slice it!
(Click on the word "before" up there to go back and see my previous post - with the recipe!)


Tina Dawn said...

Looks so good! I can almost smell it. We don't buy as many bananas now since my allergies, so I haven't made bread as much. I am missing it. Love T

farmlady said...

Warm Banana Bread... are you kidding... warm, cold, sitting on the counter, in the bread box... anywhere. I love it. Gonna go make some today.