Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving Centerpieces ala Placerville Shakespeare Club

Good morning. Tina here. I am enjoying our first heavy fall rain this morning. But yesterday I was working at the Placerville Shakespeare Club. It was our second day of preparing a wonderful early Thanksgiving luncheon. Nine of us were on the November luncheon committee, and we prepared quite a feast.

Part of our job was for each one of us to provide a centerpiece for one of the tables.  I had forgotten about that part, and Sunday night I was on the phone to Lori (God bless sisters!) asking her if she had any fall-type items I could use as a centerpiece. Well of course she did.

This is my centerpiece below.

Lori provided everything except the vintage vase, which is mine. I think it turned out pretty well.
The tables were wonderful!  All different, but all fall or Thanksgiving themed, so they worked well together.

I love the cornucopia above, just touches of orange, and an abundance of natural color.

A pumpkin becomes a vase stuffed with daisies.

Squash as a still life.

Gourds which were simply cleaned and lightly varnished.  Beautiful!

The shiny black expanse of our grand piano called for a larger centerpiece.

The little purple birdie looks mighty proud of her golden eggs.

A pumpkin skeleton of metal encloses an arrangement of autumn delights.

Another bright cornucopia spilling mums across the tablecloth.

I love the colors and the sparkle in this basket of goodies!

A cute little pilgrim, boy on one side, girl on the other, smiles at us from either side of this copper pumpkin.

I fell in love with this calico turkey, and hope to make one of my own someday. It was so clever how the fabric pattern was incorporated into his tail!

Another turkey, surrounded by colorful bounty.

One last look at my creation, just because I am proud of it, and as a thank you to Lori for helping me out!


lorlore said...

Oh, it looks super!!!!!!

Heidi Ann said...

Yours is spectacular, Tina, and all of the others are gorgeous, as well. What fun that must be! I would love to do a centerpiece or table setting. And Lord knows I have enough stuff to create dozens of them!