Monday, December 7, 2015

Back To "The Drawing Board"

I wrote about stationery and cards from "The Drawing Board" back in this post, but I came across another cute vintage advertisement and some more cards to show you today.
Oh, how I love all of this cute stationery!
The advertisement is from Seventeen Magazine, and so is this stationery (from 1972):
 Just one week ago, I was delighted to find the next three vintage invitations I'm sharing at a thrift store. I love the design and the colors on the first one.
 I mean - how's this one for a down-home party invitation?
"Y'all Come!":
 Santa invites you to "Drop In For The Party!":
 And these Christmas Party invitations make it appear as though there will be a number of treats in store:
This darling calico kitty and her mouse friend on these cards, below, ask you to "Keep This Date Open!" for their gathering:
And here's just one more - this is such an adorable Christmas card from 1987, featuring the sweetest depiction of Tiny Tim by artist Gyo Fujikawa:

There is just something about the artwork on the vintage cards, invitations and stationery from this company that I find incredibly appealing!
And I hope you enjoyed seeing more of them here today.


Tina Dawn said...

So cute! I am pretty sure I had stationery from them (I wrote lots of letters as a teen and preteen) I remember the envelopes were solid orange and I think had stripes inside, I don't remember what the sheets of paper had on them. Yours are all great, thanks for sharing! Love T

Diane said...

Love 'em all. Such cute designs.