Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Once Upon a Time in Placerville No. 19: An Old Home on Pleasant Valley Road

Good morning, Tina here. I am sharing a photo this morning which came from a friend and fellow historian who loves old cabins, barns and buildings and grew up exploring in Newtown and Pleasant Valley, Cork Q.

This old home was located across from what is now Pleasant Valley Middle School in the Gold Oak School District. It was located on the north side of Pleasant Valley Road between what used to be a turkey farm a bit west of there, and the Pleasant Valley Grange about a half mile east. Behind stands Chrome Ridge, where there were mine shafts apparently going all the way through to the Newtown Road area. Cork says it was once part of a large ranch called the Avansino Ranch, which had a large home further west on the south side of the road (which I do not remember - and has also been torn down.) This once lovely old place was torn down in the 1960's, and as time went by you could no longer tell that a family once lived in that area.

When I was younger I sometimes rode the school bus past this great old place, and being the old house lover I was, I would imagine living there. My family also dug bottles up on the ridge just a ways west of here, across from the old gas station which still (almost) stands along the south side of Pleasant Valley Road. I always thought it strange there was a dump up a road climbing the ridge. Seems like a lot of trouble to go to, to get rid of your trash. Maybe there was a house there, but no indication of that when we dug there.

Just a little bit of Once Upon a Time. Hope you enjoyed it.


Heidi Ann said...

It's always nice to see a photo of something like this old place, that has (mostly) been long since forgotten.
I always enjoy the old pictures - and thank you to you and Cork for sharing this one!

jen said...

Love this photo and story- I find these old places fascinating :)
I just love your blog too and look forward to a new post everyday- thank you for sharing :)

All the best