Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ornament Trees At Antiques, Etc.

When I was looking at all of the photos that were on my old phone, I came across these pictures I had taken a while back.
They feature gorgeous wire trees full of ornaments at a shop on Main Street in downtown Sonora called "Antiques, Etc.".
They are all so glorious that I wanted to share them with you.
 Let's begin with pink:
Ahh - the "golden one":
Next we have red:
And the green one that was in the background:
Multiple colors and stripes (which are a particular favorite of mine) - on a different style of display tree:
And a vision in red, white, gold and green on a little faux-evergreen tree:
They're all so pretty that I just thought you might enjoy seeing them.


Tina Dawn said...

wow, what a lot of work to put those together! Very pretty. I always liked going into that shop, seems like I would always find something to buy! Love T

Diane said...

Yes, very pretty! I'm with you-- like the stipes display although pink is nifty too!

Candice said...

If I had seen all those ornaments I probably would be flat broke! I would have bought a whole bunch.