Friday, December 4, 2015

Patterns From The Past: McCall's Robes For The Holidays

Today, we have vintage bathrobes from McCall's - Mother and Daughter are ready for Christmas morning in these pretty, matching robes:
Mom's robe is made from this pattern - number 2696:
The back of the pattern:
And the little girl's version, is pattern number 2697:
Here's the back of that pattern:
I love how they show the three versions in matching fabrics!
So sweet, really - does anybody do that anymore?
I hope so.
I think it's completely adorable.


Tina Dawn said...

Well how cute! I think it is a great idea! Love T

Diane said...

That is really cute. We never had matching robes, but my mother made herself and my sister and I matching dresses way back when.

Candice said...

My grandmother made my sisters and I matching robes and I loved them! Does anyone wear robes anymore?