Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pendleton: Classic, Stylish - And Warm

It's getting colder even here in our neck of the woods!
Nice warm Pendleton woolens will keep you warm, whether vintage or new. (Personally, I love both!)
But today, we'll just have a look at some vintage Pendleton.
"A very merry Pendleton to you" - stylish even to this day, the classic 49er jacket in a red plaid that's perfect for the Christmas season, here:

Or perhaps you would prefer to dress the family up in matching (!) gorgeous blue plaid separates and take a trip to Disneyland!?
You'll probably want to save wearing the wool for the evening, though:
How about a cardigan and a "Turnabout" skirt shown here in an advertisement from 1959:
Or any one of these fabulous separates, below:
I found this red wool Pendleton shirt at a thrift store recently:
"High Grade Western Wear" - it had some damage, but still looked pretty darned nice.
I priced it low and it sold within hours of me hanging it up in the shop!
I think it will keep the gentleman who bought it nice and warm.
And how perfect is that red?
Santa would look good in it, too - don't you think?


Tina Dawn said...

Happy for your quick sale! The first ad reminds me of our mom. She had one like that I think. Great post. Love T

Tami Von Zalez said...

Pendleton is popular - I'm not surprised that red shirt sold so quickly.

Sunnyana said...

This brings back memories for me. In the 80’s I worked at the Pendleton shop in Frontierland at Disneyland. We had to wear Pendleton clothes so they gave us a few wool items for the winter and a few of their non-wool line for the summer and also gave us a good discount on everything else. I still have most of my wool sweaters, skirts, etc. but unfortunately they don’t fit anymore. I was just thinking last week that I should try selling them on Ebay.