Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Patterns From The Past: Simplicity 7430 - A Dress And Matching Bag

Today's pattern from the past is Simplicity 7430 from 1967.
It's The "All Girl" Look :
I found the poster seen above at Urban Basics And Company in Battleground, Washington, which I mentioned in yesterday's post.
I'm assuming this picture must have been on the cover of one of those huge pattern books we used to love to sit and look through at The Quality Shop, our wonderful fabric shop that used to be on Main Street in Placerville.
 How I wish I had color photos of the inside of that wonderful shop!
 I miss it.
I had no idea such a thing as this even existed - a new poster featuring a 1960's pattern and my favorite models Colleen Corby, Lucy Angle and Shelley Hack!
 Seriously; I bought it, brought it home, framed it and hung it on my wall.
 Love it.
There were one or two others, I think, that were similar. I couldn't buy them all, unfortunately. But I wanted to.
(Again - I don't always know all of the models, so if you know the name of the blonde, please fill me in!)
Here's the front of the pattern:
I love the little matching bag.
In fact, back in about 1966, when I was in elementary school, I got three new dresses from Sears catalog one year and one of them had a little matching purse that was similar to this one.
 I remember being SO happy with my new dresses, because we didn't get a lot of new clothes.
And I WAS the youngest, so I got hand-me-downs.
 Don't get me wrong, I was happy to have the hand-me-downs! I liked them! It's just that new was always nice.
Funny how times have changed - I seldom buy anything new these days. I'm thrilled to find very nice - and very reasonably priced - attire at thrift stores. I don't even WANT to pay the price for new retail merchandise. In fact, just last week I found two new-looking pairs of Coldwater Creek jeans in my size for $3.00 each.
(By the way, my poster may say 1968, but the pattern is absolutely dated 1967.)
 Making your own clothes was  definitely a money-saver back in the 60's and 70's, and I have mentioned before that in high school I used to pay Lori to sew dresses for me, because she was much better at it.
Here's another version of the dress with the swingy little handbag:
The back of the pattern:

I think it's a cute little dress.
My favorites are the rick rack-trimmed, long-sleeved aqua gingham, the blue print with the matching bag, and the bright floral with the bag.
Which one of the six versions seen on the pattern front do YOU like best?


Candice said...

This dress/pattern is so 1967. I didn't have a dress like these but I have a class photo of sister Alice with two other girls with brightly striped (psychedelic) dresses with the puff sleeves like the model in the center of the poster. I will send you a crop of the photo. Alice is wearing a cute orange/white/pink diagonal striped cotton shift dress (just like mine in my class photo) made by our mother.

I really like the short and long sleeved styles of this pattern but my favorites are the stripes and the flowers in the poster.


Sunnyana said...

This dress totally represents my Jr. High years. Of course back then we had to wear dresses or skirts to school. I can't say for sure it was this pattern but I made a few dresses just like this in 8th grade homemaking. For one I even made a matching bag just like the one shown. My dress was a floral with bright pink, turquoise and other colors and I used a string of hot pink beads for the strap. My favorite on the pattern is the bright floral. Your favorite models were also my favorites! But I think I liked Colleen Corby the best because we both had long dark brown hair and dark eyes.

Tina Dawn said...

I like the turquoise check with the rickrack. I would have made this pattern, it looks really easy, but I didn't have it. I know, because I still have all my old patterns. If the Quality Shop has ghosts of the living, we are there, and I am also across the street at the newer (also no longer there) fabric store also, forever haunting, the fabric isles. Love T

Diane said...

Very cute!! I think the view w/ the short/puff sleeves was a dress I had from our next door neighbors! They had four girls, older than I, and the mom sewed. They occasionally gave me hand-me-downs. I remember a handmade floral print dress very similar to this!