Sunday, October 1, 2017

Celebrating October With Brach's Candy Corn (Again)

I've already written a "Then And Now" post featuring Brach's Candy Corn, back in 2012 (click here to read it), so today I'm just doing a quick re-visit to celebrate the arrival of October.
I found another great old advertisement for Brach's Halloween candy in one of my old magazines, and I figured it was most definitely "share-worthy"!
I'm glad October is here, and it would be unusual for us to reach temperatures at or over 100 degrees this month around these parts - but not unheard of.
Me? I'm hoping for the best.
I want "HOT" to be over.
Here's a close-up of a corner of the ad:
 How cute were those little house-shaped cardboard "Paks"?
And I love the little pre-packaged cellophane bags, all ready to go for the Trick-Or-Treat set!
I'm so sorry I neglected to get the year on this ad; I tore it out of a magazine and forgot to write it down.
But I'll guarantee you that I'd have been happy to get one of those little packets when I was a little girl going door-to-door in my costume.
And here's a picture of the entire page, a colorful one featuring
"Brach's Halloween Candy For Trick Or Treat":
And then, just for fun - here's a photo of the way their candy corn package looks "Now":
In fact, I just purchased those at the grocery store this morning!
I also wrote about Brach's Candy Corn back in 2009.
Because I LIKE it - can you tell??
It's kind of fun to see how the package has changed over the years, and besides that, I showed another of the great vintage magazine advertisements in that post, so please do go back and read that post again, as well, won't you?
Happy October, everybody!
Here's hoping we all have a "Spooktacular" month!


Melanie said...

I just love seeing these then and now posts! Vintage magazine ads make me happy.

Tina Dawn said...

I love candy corn! I love it!!! Yum yum! Love T

Diane said...

Ah... the good ol' days!