Friday, March 23, 2018

Cherry Crumb Cake: A Farm Journal Recipe

I found this old recipe I had hand-written on a piece of paper when I was going through some old stuff.
I knew it was from the cookbook, below - and I believe I had gotten it from Mother back before I had a copy of the cookbook.
"Farm Journal's Best-Ever Recipes", seen below.
I've written about the vintage Farm Journal cookbooks a number of times before, as they contain some of our family's all-time favorite recipes that Mother used when we were growing up.
This one just sounded good - and easy - to me, and I wanted to try it.
We liked it - but we didn't love it. I'd rather have cherry pie.
Honestly, I liked it better the next day, for some reason.
The can of cherry pie filling I bought to use was not really quite enough. You know how sizes of grocery items have changed over the years, right?
If I should decide to make it again, I would buy two cans and weigh out 24 ounces to use, which is what the recipe calls for.
But I'd probably make a pie instead! And I would use canned cherries, rather than cherry pie filling.
It's funny - I think I must have had this - and liked it so much - at the time, that I wanted the recipe. But I think my taste has changed over the years. There's another old recipe that I used to LOVE when I was younger, it was a cherry cream cheese pie, made with "ReaLemon" brand juice, I think, and cream cheese and maybe sweetened condensed milk. I don't think I'd like that any more, either. It sounds kind of weird to me, now.
So much so that I don't even think I'd want to bother trying it again - why make something you don't think you will like?
That wouldn't stop me from trying it if somebody ELSE made it, though, LOL!
(Please don't let my musings keep you from trying today's recipe, if you think it sounds good! The Farm Journal recipes are, by and large, very, VERY good.)
Try it, you might like it!


Tina Dawn said...

Oh I would just love to have a piece of that right now! I really do like anything with cherries, thinking fondly of the ham steak and cherry sauce I used to get sometimes at lunch when I worked at the Southern California Automobile Club (AAA) in Los Angeles. I can't think of anything more delicious. Love T

Sunnyana said...

Your cherry crumb cake looks good but what I really love is your china. It looks very similar to my grandmother's which I have packed away.