Saturday, March 10, 2018

Does She... Or Doesn't She?

The age-old question asked by Miss Clairol in their advertisements....
Does she or doesn't she?
Color her hair?
Oh, I'll bet she does.
Unless you are one of those women of a certain age who has decided to just leave her pretty gray hair alone - in which case, I applaud and admire (and am a bit envious of) you!
Otherwise, with even young girls coloring their hair sometimes nearly as often as they change clothes, I think you're probably among the millions of us who do, indeed color their hair.
Here's the way some boxes of Clairol Hair color look now:
I read a statistic somewhere quite a few years back and the number of women it said (as a percentage) who colored their hair, at that time, sounded ridiculously low to me.
I didn't believe for one minute that it could possibly be accurate, and I don't even remember what it was!
After I quit working, I was still paying someone else to color my hair, at a cost of about $52 every 6-8 weeks, including a simple haircut. (And by simple, I mean trim my bangs straight across, and even out the ends of my straight, long hair by trimming it along the bottom - I don't think it gets too much simpler than that.)
I'm not even really meaning to complain about the cost; that's just how much it WAS, but I no longer had an income, and could ill afford it at the time.
 And yet, I continued to do so.
 And I came up with the money, somehow - every time.
I finally decided to ask my friend Heidi - who had a bit of a background in cosmetology - to help me do it myself.
She did it for me the first couple of times, and then I think each of my sisters may have helped me too, at least once.
Then I realized that I COULD do it all by myself.
You see, the entire idea of it just scared me for a very long time - I was that afraid something would go terribly wrong.
And now, the thought of how many hundreds of dollars I spent over the years, needlessly, is almost painful!
Here's how my roots looked before.....
     .....and after one of my recent colorings:
And this is what I use, below:
L'Oreal Excellence Creme, in 8G.
(Sorry, Clairol - I'd probably try yours if I knew it would turn out exactly the same. It's just that when something works for me, I tend to stick with it - and this was the first one I tried!)
And I buy it on sale, with a coupon - sometimes saving as much $3.00 (total) off of the sale price when buying two.
 I never run out, I always have a box or two in the cabinet, and I do it whenever I feel like it.
Never costs me any more than about seven dollars.
Which is how much I pay to get my bangs trimmed - that is, unless I do THAT myself, which I have quite a few times.
I've decided the ends of my hair only need to be cut once or twice a year. And my friend Heidi did that for me for nothing the last time. Yay!
Long hair, don't care.
Because I do not want to spend my hard-earned (through selling vintage) money on my hair!
It's just a Heidi thing.
I'm about as low-maintenance as it gets.
Seriously. (You have no idea...)
And THAT, my friends, concludes the tale of MY hair care.
And if you even made it this far and have read this whole post, I thank you for being interested enough to finish it.
The End.


Tina Dawn said...

Well I think you are beautiful no matter what your hair costs! Or if you do or don't. Love T.

Diane said...

"Does she..." Yes, I remember that line! That's going back a few years, isn't it??? And, yes, I read the entire post ;)