Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Patterns From The Past: Simplicity 7394 - A Classic Chanel-Style Suit

Today's pattern from the past is Simplicity number 7394, a classic Coco Chanel-style suit.
This red mohair version trimmed in black happens to be my favorite among the variations I'm featuring in today's post:
Now THAT one truly makes a statement, in my opinion. Fabulous.
Here are three versions depicted on the front of the vintage pattern:

Make the skirt short or long; make the jacket with pockets or without - and in any fabric you choose.
It will look great no matter what you do, I think!
This one is terrific, also:
Match your blouse to the trim on the jacket - perfect:
 Trim the jacket with fringe and metallic buttons:
 Do that again, but make it in lavender with along skirt for a very elegant look:
 Or try it in black and white, with lace to dress it up this time, and wear it to your next evening soiree:
 Of course, it never hurts to add wonderful matching or contrasting  accessories such as a bag, belt, or jewelry to truly pull together a sensational ensemble!
Pattern front....
      ... and back:

(The suit versions pictured on the models here are from Family Circle magazine, a lovely article from 1976, which also featured a photo of the late, great Coco Chanel!)
You've seen nine variations here today.
How would YOU sew it up?


Perangkat Cctv di Tasikmalaya said...

great post and i like your background

Tina Dawn said...

Very stylish, a bit too stylish for this viewer, but I like it for a Jackie Kennedy type! Love T

Diane said...

Very stylish! Like the b & w version.