Monday, March 5, 2018

What's Penny Wearing? #151 Aprons!

Penny wanted to model some of the aprons I've found recently, so while it did take some time to dress her up and get photos, I did finally get it done!
This one is my favorite:
Vintage flower power at it's finest:
With a cute pocket, to boot...
This next one is awfully pretty, too, in bright red ..
... and it has a rather glorious pocket on the front, as well, in a Pennsylvania Dutch floral design:
Here's a cute one - with anthropomorphic kitchen utensils, rather a happy-looking lot, too, I might add:
And they want to know, "What's Cookin'?"
Here'a a simple one trimmed with yellow rick-rack:
I do love a nice floral print on a black background:
Here's one that seems rather nice for spring:
Gingham with a cross-stitched design in aqua and black:
And my last one is a great, utilitarian apron in a fabulous green paisley print:
I like the pockets in the front.
Yep, this one's a keeper; I'm going to use it.
I just need to fashion another tie for it, as one of them is missing.
I think I can handle that.
That's it for today  - and both Penny and I hope you enjoyed seeing "our" aprons!


Tami Von Zalez said...

Just adore your posts on aprons. Am linking back to you for my April 1st post on the same for the AtoZ Challenge (A letter day).

Tina Dawn said...

Love them all but especially the paisley of course! Love T

Diane said...

Love vintage apron designs! Especially like the mod daisies and the fun "group" on "What's cookin'?"