Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dresses In Crochet

Now seriously - how adorable are these little vintage Betsy McCall dolls in their crocheted dresses? I found all of these dresses a few years ago at a shop in Angels Camp. They were too inexpensive - and too cute - to pass up. I hoped they would fit Betsy, and happily, they did! I also got a red one, this darker blue one, below,

And a pink one:

Okay - so you're not into dolls? Then how about this great halter dress from a 1970's McCall's Needlework magazine? If I had her figure, I'd want one to wear this spring and summer.

And I think the simple style of this wedding dress is beautiful,too.

I don't even know how to crochet, but I can certainly appreciate the amount of work that would go into these lovelies.


Mama Brook said...

Oh I love that wedding dress!

Annette said...

How sweet they are. Betsy is ready to be a beautiful bridesmaid in her vintage dresses. A bride would be so lucky to have someone, perhaps a grandmother, crochet her that simply lovely wedding dress. Who needs seed pearls or lace? Love T

christyhulsey said...

super cute blog. i love it!