Monday, March 3, 2008

That (60's &) 70's Stuff

Some of the stuff that I have held onto for years - the mushroom shaped notepad holder from Hallmark, above, that I thought was so cute that when it got down to the last 2 pieces of paper, I couldn't bear to use any more, nor could I bear to throw it away, so, instead, I have saved it all of these 35-40 years. And I still like it. Then there's the cute little polka dot painted mushroom clothing brush, below - still useful - and cute.

Little scraps of miscellaneous ephemera and stickers that simply appealed to me at the time. I had saved these in a little box which I kept in my desk drawer. Gee, can you tell what I liked back then? Flowers, peace signs, astrology, mushrooms, ladybugs, cuteness! And Famolare "Get There" shoes.

And more of the same:

And my treasured little special alarm clock. This baby hasn't worked for years. Maybe I can get it repaired some day.

Just stuff from my past.


Mama Brook said...

Love it!

Annette said...

All the designs are so colorful and happy. Just what we needed to brighten up a nation torn by riots and war. Love T