Monday, March 24, 2008

The Ralph Lauren Robe

In March of 1991, I ordered the bathrobe pictured above from a Nordstrom mail-order catalog. It is a man's robe, but I bought it for myself. I just fell in love with the fabric- it is so similar to the gorgeous vintage barkcloth that I love so much. It was ridiculously expensive and extravagant for me at the time, but I wanted it! The fabric is more like a twill rather than the weave of a traditional vintage barkcloth. I actually found, and purchased, a shirt in the same fabric on Ebay last year. And the shirt is for a man, too, and it does not fit me, but I felt compelled to bid on it. (And I got a good deal,in my opinion.) It actually looks nice on my husband, but it's a little big, and I am not sure I will ever be able to talk him into wearing it! (Not his style.) Below is a close-up of the fabric. Pretty, huh?

Like I have mentioned before on this blog, I just write about stuff I like, and I refuse to try to explain why I do the things I do, or buy the things I buy. I just do.


Anonymous said...

Love the robe! I have seen you in it and you look lovely!

I can see why Brian would have his reservations about wearing this fabric, tho :-) This model looks very sweet in it, but maybe a little feminine. (YA THINK??!)

Mama Brook said...

OK, the picture of the guy in it is priceless.

Jerusalem said...

What a cool robe for you - it is very Barkcloth!

Annette said...

Hey, I like the guy in the robe. He looks very healthy and he likes orange juice. Give him a break! Love T