Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Painted Ladies

I have always LOVED Victorian houses. I still dream of living in one some day. I also love Craftsman bungalows and farm houses - but those aren't what this post is about. All of these books are part of my own collection. The first one, above, was published in 1978; the authors are Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larsen. These are fabulous and beautiful books for a Victorian house lover. I am so happy that I have all of them! Daughters, below, was published in 1987.

The Painted Ladies Revisited, pub.1989

How To Create Your Own Painted Lady,also pub.1989

America's Painted Ladies, pub.1992

and lastly,The Painted Ladies Guide To Victorian California, 1991

Perhaps you noticed three of the books have photographs by the great Douglas Keister, whose work I also admire greatly. If you love this style of home like I do, I think you would really like these books!


Annette said...

Oh, me too, me too! I want to live in every single one of them. I hope someday to get some gingerbread added to my "wannabe" painted lady to make her look older. Love T

Leilani said...

I should look up these books... I too love Victorian homes, I always wanted a garret room with a window seat! Have you even been to Mackinaw Island in Michigan? Almost all the homes there are Victorian!

KariVery said...

I have a wonderful calendar that one of our clients sends out every year hanging at my desk with Victorian houses--it's so popular here at the office, we have to draw straws to see who gets to have it every year! The pictures are water colors, and very pretty. Currently, for the month of March, the painting is "Abigail's Elegant Victorian Mansion" in Eureka, California. Somewhere in my vast amount of snapshots,I have a picture somewhere of me standing in front of it ca. 1992!