Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hot Mats In Crochet

These are so pretty and colorful; I love using them on my table. Sometimes I'll pick one to go with my holiday decor - like for the 4th of July, for instance.

I will use one that looks best with whichever vintage tablecloth I have on my table at the time.

Pastels are pretty for Easter and springtime.

This one is a little different - it was done over the top of a cooling rack instead of a hot mat round.

So you see, they are useful AND beautiful.


Annette said...

Those needlecrafters will crochet on just about everything won't they? I love the last ones colors, it is lovely. Love T

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

These are wonderful! I will always be reminded of you when I see these! Do you need more?


Monica said...

NICE I like them a lot!!!

Jen said...

I found one of these at an estate sale, and love it, your collection is FAB! Thanks for letting me know about the yellow bread box, i thought the lady was crazy when she said it was a glove box! I Love your blog and will be checking back often!