Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Parade

Easter Parade is one of my all-time favorite movies. I love to watch it every year. I love Fred Astaire, I love Judy Garland, I love the Irving Berlin music - I could go on and on.

It isn't enough for me to have the movie to watch whenever I want. I have to have the soundtrack, also. ( And I have the audio cassette version, too, which I've owned since before CD's were around.)

And that's not enough, either. No, my obsession extends to collecting the sheet music, as well.

As many songs as I can find. Better Luck Next Time and It Only Happens When I Dance With You are such beautiful songs. They are two of my favorites to sing. The music is displayed on our piano in honor of the upcoming holiday and my love of the film and it's composer,it's director and it's stars.
"I could write a sonnet...."


Annette said...

I am ready to hear you sing about your Easter bonnet while wearing your mother-in-law's lovely fluffy pink hat. Love T

KariVery said...

Yes, that certainly would be a great "Yime!" (I am sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Heidi Ann said...

Thank you, Kari - I corrected my mistake. I try to be so careful, but I missed that!