Friday, February 29, 2008

Pink and Blue Bath

Our circa 1940 bathroom has pink tile and blue fixtures. They are similar in style to the ones in this advertisement, but in light blue rather than the pale green. Our tile goes halfway up the wall, but is also on the floor, and in the stall shower. We don't have cool old wallpaper with fish on it, but our sink is very much like this one, with the chrome legs and towel racks on either side. We even have the same type of medicine cabinet with the long lights on either side. The original shower door has an etched swan design on the glass, so I just sort of "went with" swans in my choice of decor. They are all over the place in there! Here is one shot of my pink shelf which is filled with all sorts of vintage bath and vanity items, and swans, too.

There are three more shelves not shown, and swans abound on nearly every other available surface in the room!


Annette said...

I just got the strangest urge to brush my teeth (with tooth powder of course!) I love your bathroom. Love T

Mama Brook said...

Your bathroom is great!
Love the head vase!!!

Monica said...

The Head vase WOW I love it!!