Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thank You!

Mitzi from Vintage + Goodness = Happiness honored me with a You Make My Day Award - how sweet! Thank you so much, Mitzi! All of this is new to me, but I am supposed to pass it on to five other bloggers, so, here goes:
1) The top of my list has to be Alicia Paulson's blog Posie Gets Cozy (I'm not sure how to put a link within this post, but you can click on their names at right in my list of favorite blogs to go straight to them!)

Almost exactly a year ago, I read the article about Alicia, Andy and Audrey in Romantic Homes magazine (March 2007), and then I looked up her blog , and that was it for me. I became officially Addicted To Blogs. Every other blog I have read and enjoyed since then was discovered by clicking on a link to this or that person, and then from their links, and so on! Alicia, you definitely Make My Day with each and every new post, and, ultimately, inspired me to start a little blog of my own. But you will always be The Queen Of Blogdom to me!
2)Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams also makes my day! I thoroughly enjoy her blog, and we have communicated through e-mail, as well.Her home and her creations are quite simply fabulous,and I love reading everything she writes about. She has the distinction of being the blogger closest in proximity to me (about an hour away or so)- and yet we have never met. Perhaps some day. Meanwhile, I will continue to delight in her posts!
3)Julie at Jane's Apron. Her creativity Makes My Day - I can hardly wait to see what wonderful thing she will come up with next! And I treasure my Cinderella wall hanging she made and which I purchased from her. I totally love it!
4)Niki of Nostalgia At The Stone House. Viewing the photos of all of her lovely vintage finds and her creations Makes My Day, and even Makes Me Think that perhaps some day I could even create something special with my own two hands. I was so tickled to see the lovely handbag she made recently, which was similar to the one pictured below that I had just purchased at an antique shop!

5)The Hunt For Vintage. Boy, do I ever love all of her collections!! I eagerly await her new posts so that I can see more of her lovely home and all of the wonderful treasures found within!It is exciting to see the photos of all of her fabulous finds! Seeing all of it, and how she decorates and displays her vintage things really does Make My Day!
I hope that I have done all of this correctly, as I am wanting to honor all of the fabulous and inspiring bloggers out there who have touched my life with their writings!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Heidi, I am honored to have been selected by you for this award. You are such a sweetheart!!! I enjoy the same blogs that you do, too. Isn't it amazing all of the things you can learn at the click of a mouse? Fascinating to say the least!! We will have to meet and go shopping sometime!!! I can show you some cool places here, too.


Annette said...

Thank you so much to Mitzi for selecting my sis to Make Her Day. Heidi is just the best. AND thank you to Alicia Paulson for starting her on her blog journey. Love T

Mitzi said...

Great post, you did a much better job than I did on mine! Glad you got a kick out of the "award" - you deserve it! :)

Vintage Hunter said...

Thank you so much Heidi! You just made my day! And I have been so bad about blogging lately. Now that my baby has decided he's a toddler (way too soon) I don't hardly get a chance to be on the computer at all. But I gotta say, he sure is worth it!

Alicia P. said...

Aw shucks, I'm blushing. Thank you sweetheart. I really appreciate your kindness, and appreciate your attention. I'm honored. xo

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Thank you so much Heidi - you are very kind! I shall give you a mention on my next blog post....
Enjoy the rest of your weekend,