Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Teapot Love

I have teapots, teapot ornaments, and things with teapot motifs all over in my kitchen and adjoining sunroom. Yes - you are correct- another obsession. What can I say? Not sure, exactly - so I'll show you a few instead. That set at the top there sits atop my yellow Ransburg breadbox. It is plastic by Superlon. I wanted one for a long time,and finally got it on Ebay last year. The one below I think I got in town, and then found the perfect salt and pepper duo to sit on it , also on Ebay. Those sit is on top of the stove.
Honestly, I have lost track of how long ago I started collecting the Mary Engelbreit teapot ornaments. Should I be embarrassed to admit that I have more than fifty? And, no - I do not have them all! Below, I am showing just four particular favorites, mostly for their colors. I also have birdhouse, watering can ,and coffee pot ones.

Those shown below are on the wall above my corner sink with my smallest Ransburg shakers and on top of my yellow Ransburg paper towel holder. Please try, if you can, to ignore the old wallpaper that we have not (yet?) been able to replace!

Another little teapot-shaped holder. I am a sucker for vintage hand-painted things with decals on them! And last, but definitely not least - this little beauty below is a bracelet I have had since I was a little girl. It's not a kitchen item , but it IS a teapot that begged to be included in this post, and I didn't have the heart to deny it! I don't even remember how old I was when it was given to me by my great aunt. It still fits me, and I just adore it!

I will probably show you more teapot stuff another time. Just a warning.


Tammy said...

I was just Googling Country Girl and found your lovely blog!
We are kindred spirits in our love of teapots...I love your collection and you blog is really great!

Come on over and see me sometime!

Mama Brook said...

What a darling bracelet!
I love it!!!

Annette said...

I stubbornly refuse to ignore your wallpaper because I really secretly like it (but of course it isn't in MY house). It is so completely and honestly sixties it makes it totally cool (or boss, as we would have said then). Love T

linda t said...

Oh that teapot charm is precious!
What a sweet collection!