Saturday, February 9, 2008

Around The House

I found this pretty painted wooden candle holder at a Goodwill in the San Diego area a few years ago, I paid 3.99 for it. The three birds I have hung on it are Martha Stewart ornaments from K-Mart. They look so perfect with it , I didn't have the heart to pack them away after Christmas, so they will stay there year-round.
I was rearranging some of my vintage tablecloths and other linens in this cupboard the other day - and look who decided that looked like a nice spot to curl up in as soon as I emptied a little space!

I think I was annoying him with the camera, so he didn't stay long and then I was "allowed" to finish what I was doing.

One more thing - this nice old coffee table was in the house. It has the lift off glass "tray" top, so I like to display some of my collection of vintage postcards under the glass. In December, I had Christmas ones, but I took this picture when I redid it with vintage rose postcards after the holidays. Any time I can find a good place to display more of my vintage treasures, it's a good thing!


Mitzi said...

I love the coffee table!! What a great idea. Your linen collection is impressive too - and your cutie kitty!

Annette said...

Aw, Dizzy is just so precious. Aren't cats funny? He thought you were going to all that trouble for him, a comfortable spot for him to look cute on. At least he will go down in blog history although it only lasted minutes. Love T

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Heidi, Heidi, Heidi!! You have so many cool things!! LOL about your cat nesting in the linens. Isn't that a typical cat thing? They always seem to know when there is a spot that they are not welcome in. I caught Miss Socks on top of our bookcase the other day. How she jumped that far is beyond me. Naughty!


yosemite faith said...

oh dizzy is so cute - you are so lucky to still have a cat that i remember you having when i worked with you. i love love love your coffee table - i had always wanted something like that but had never seen one 'in the flesh'. as always you are a lucky girl.