Thursday, February 28, 2008

Roses Everywhere

I always enjoy finding lovely real photo vintage post cards like this one. Such a pretty hand-tinted image. As you can you see, it says "Roses Everywhere" California, at the top. I'd had it for awhile, and then I found this one:

At the top of it: "in a Rose Garden, Portland, Oregon", also hand-tinted with gorgeous pale pink roses. But they are the same picture. So, where is it, really? Who knows - could easily be either place. I just got a kick out of it. I am sure it is something that was commonly done, I just hadn't ever come across an example myself, before this.


Annette said...

Two lovely places to live that are actually the same place, very interesting. The houses are beautiful, and I would sure love to have those roses, and so would the deer in my yard! Love T

KariVery said...

I vote for Portland! :-)

Leilani said...

I think it might be LA... it looks like the Rose Garden across the street from the college I went to (University of Southern California).