Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vintage Handbags

A few of my favorites. The blue velvet beauty, above, is the most gorgeous shade of fabulous royal blue. I think I found it at an antique faire. The "tweedy" looking bucket-style bag below was my mother-in-law's. I love it's uniqueness, that it is so stylish, and that it was hers.

And this beaded beauty is a particular favorite. It's completely reversible - flip it inside out, and it's just the beaded bag without the pink roses -but I love the pink roses!

And these last two- not vintage, but handmade from vintage bark cloth. I couldn't pass up this one with the covered wagon when I found it in Jamestown. It is small, easy to carry and throw a few things into.

And this one is from Ebay - just look at this lovely fabric with the bleeding hearts! It's quite large, and great for shopping trips!

Don't you just love vintage handbags? And doesn't "handbag" just have a nicer ring to it than "purse"? I think it does.


Annette said...

Great handbags! Let's fill them with money and go garagesaling. Requested Coloma items on their way to you as of yesterday. Love T

Tammy said...

They are all very nice but that blue one just begs to go to a ball!

jungle dream pagoda said...

I really love the one that belonged to your MIL,so chic and special!
...but I love them all!

Monica said...

I love the purses, I am a BIG purse collector but it is getting harder to find them!!!

linda t said...

I love your handbag collection!!!
Do you have them all displayed on hooks somewhere?
Love the beaded one. I found a cute one over the weekend... very 60's mod!