Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vintage Valentine Cards

I know I keep saying it, but I can't express enough how lucky I feel that I am to have found here in the house where my husband grew up all kinds of neat vintage items - including a cache of mostly 50's era Valentines from when he and his brother were in elementary school. They are so darned cute, I can hardly stand it! Shown here, above and below, on a hanging rack that was a great deal at Hallmark after Christmas a year or two ago. I have the rack hanging on a door that you see as soon as you enter our house, so they can be easily seen and enjoyed.

Others are displayed on the card holder stand, below,, with one of my Betsy McCall paper doll pages next to it. There were also a few , more romantic ones from the 30's or 40's. but most are the kind exchanged by school children.There are so many adorable ones. (I believe you can click on the pictures to enlarge them a bit and see better detail).

But this may be my favorite one of all. It' also the largest ( about 7X8 inches), and it's a mechanical Valentine - the front end of the horse moves.

Hi-Ho Silver and away! And a Happy Valentine's Day!


Mama Brook said...

You lucky girl you!
I must say I am more than a little bit jealous ;)

Annette said...

I just love the zebra card. It is just too cute. There was a guy with the mechanical cards on Martha Stewart (I think it was) and they are getting to be worth quite a bit of money now. Can't wait to see these all. Love T

Mitzi said...

Hey Heidi Ann, I just got a You Make My Day Award, and I am passing it on to you! :)

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Wonderful, wonderful collection! How lucky to have found the stash at your house and better yet they were your hubber's. Totally cool!