Friday, February 15, 2008

Through A Doll House Doorway

Just a little peek into my doll house. I couldn't bear to pack away my adorable Hallmark refrigerator ornament after Christmas, so I decided that it would have a permanent home in my doll house kitchen. Had to make room for it to fit there in the corner. My little house is a conglomeration of little miscellaneous stuff. Whatever I like. It isn't necessarily "to scale"; it's not perfect, it's just mine, and I like it. I just put whatever wherever. It was made by the stepfather of a dear friend, he sold it to me over 20 years ago at a very reasonable price.

At Christmas I decorate it inside and out, including a tree that lights up in the bay window of the living room- just like in our REAL house! I like to think the little dragon in the wagon (in the picture below) is Custard from Ogden Nash's poem "The Tale Of Custard The Dragon". There is even a passage of the poem that says "They all sat laughing in the little red wagon at the realio, trulio, cowardly dragon." I've always loved that poem. It's in The Golden Treasury of Poetry, a book we grew up with.

When Bill (my friend's stepfather) died a couple of years ago, she called me and asked if I would like to have the doll house he had made for himself and his wife, that had been in their own home. She knew I loved mine, and she wanted someone to have his who would appreciate it. I was honored and delighted that she wanted me to have it. It is sort of more like the one shown below. It can sit on a table or be hung on a wall.

It's a lot bigger than mine, and fully furnished with working lights and a plexiglass "window" sort of a dust cover over the front. Unfortunately, we didn't have a place to put it, so right now it is stored. But I DO treasure it; I always will, and I hope to find the right place for it some day.
Thank you, Tammy, and thank you, Bill.


jungle dream pagoda said...

I love your doll house! ...and I love that the treasures inside are not to scale! It makes it more whimsical!
One day I will have a doll house too!
Love your blog!

Mitzi said...

Adorable! Where do you usually pick up the things to go inside? Thrifting or eBay?

Heidi Ann said...

Hmmmm- it's been such a long time collecting them. Actually nothing from eBay that I recall. Mostly antiques fairs or shops, thrift stores- and some were gifts from family and friends.

Karen Jo said...

I love your dollhouses! Love them! Love them!

Annette said...

Your dollhouse looks so cute in the pictures. I always especially loved the little siamese begging at the highchair. So realistic for our real home! It could be you and Trinka, except you weren't in a highchair then I guess. The fridge looks just perfect in the corner of the kitchen. I hope you find the stove one of these days and cram it in there too. Love T

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

What a sweet story and love the houses, Heidi! So sweet that your friend thought of you!